CPESN USA Information Wizard


Welcome to CPESN!

Here you will be able to join CPESN USA, a clinically integrated network of community-based pharmacies. A provider self-governed collaborative that provides collective pharmacy value expression and multiple services line opportunities that go beyond the prescription fill.

CPESN USA is organized as a “Network of Local CPESN Networks.” Payers, Purchasers and Partners alike rely on these local collaboratives to successfully implement programs, including value-based contracting and service opportunities. Additionally, Special Purpose Efforts and Special Purpose Networks are provided for those pharmacies wishing to be more entrepreneurial and engage in some of the latest alternative dispensing and non-dispensing service and revenue opportunities emerging in the marketplace.

Let’s get started with your onboarding. In the next few panels:

  • You must select a preferred Primary Local Network Affiliation.
  • Then you will have the opportunity to select additional Other Local Network Affiliations.
  • You will have the opportunity to select one or more Special Purpose Efforts.
  • Finally, if you are not already a participating pharmacy, you will complete your signup with CPESN USA.
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